drawing near

I just thought, “God! I haven’t finished a book since July! What’ve I been DOING all this time?!”

Then I remembered I’d been getting a house ready to sell and moving to the other side of the world.

Oh yeah.

Feel better now. :)


Ok, I can tell I’m almost done and have reached the point where I just want to *be* done, because I’m fiddling around with the very last chapter, which is not in need of fiddling anymore, and avoiding doing the work on the two preceding it because that’s like WORK. It would be easier if there was something large that needed fixing, so I could face the music and rip something out and replace it, but it’s detail stuff, adding in layers, and at this point I’ve added in 31 pages of layers in this pass (and 40 in the last pass) and my brain is all out of layers. o.o

On a completely different note, I was so incredibly tired last night I staggered to bed at 10 to 10 and didn’t even wake up when the insanely loud squeaky door opened when Ted came to bed. We *really* need to get some WD-40, or whatever the equivilant over here is. Either that or I need to be that tired all the time, but I’d rather not be. I was so tired I was a whiny-butt, just like my nephews get. Although I was giggling about it instead of screaming.

Six pages. I need like six pages, and I’ll be done. *drags brain off to work*

(later still)

Done. Need to write two more scenes and fix a handful of tiddly things, mostly stuff I need to check up on online, and done. Done done done done DONE. Did I mention done? Because DONE.

(and later yet)

Wow. I just re-read the synopsis I rewrote for HEART OF STONE. There’s some good stuff in there I totally didn’t touch on in my rewrites. It’s scene-level stuff, not rearrange-the-whole-damned-book stuff, but damn. Looks like I’ve got one more revision pass after all. Damn. Damn!

Note to self: keep the damned synopsis handy. :p

(and a bit later after that)

Actually, most of it’s there. I’ll need to punch up a scene or two, and I rewrote the ending to be different from both the synopsis and the original ending, but I like it better this way; I think it suits the character better. I might have ten or fifteen pages to add instead of the five or six I thought I’d have, but it’s essentially okay. Nothing too drastic. So those scenes, a revision on the HOUSE OF CARDS synopsis, and 3 chapters for that, and this lil’ SOB can be sent off. Yay!

ytd wordcount: 240,300
miles to Mount Doom: 290.5

4 thoughts on “drawing near

  1. Welcome to the very cold Islands!

    Am secretly pleased you have moved over here, even if it is Ireland, and still part of the UK. Failte!

    Let us know when you are visiting London – will take you for the best cheesecake in all the world!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Yay! I wish the process was such that you finish writing it and I get to read it, but it’s worth the wait so I won’t complain too much. :D Congrats on getting to this level with it! Yippee! Hee…

  3. Wow. You do so many revisions. I’m lucky if I get 3 passes — and sometimes I don’t do the whole book. I AM less “rough it all out and come back” than “read what you just wrote before, fix it, then revise when the whole book is done.”

    Huh. Maybe you have too much time on your hands. LOL, LOL, LOL….ROTFL

    Um, off topic here. Didn’t you mention at one time a writers’ community in Ireland?

    BTW…I’ve gone to the Athy/County website and looked all around. Lovely spot.


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