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I asked the yoga teacher yesterday if she knew if there were any drum circles or anything in Cork that I could look up. She did, but she looked very surprised that I asked. I don’t think I look like the sort of person who would ask about a drum circle. Actually, I’m quite sure I don’t.

Sometimes this is a matter of consternation to me. I feel as though I ought to look more unconventional. Unfortunately, I can’t get past feeling either silly or aware that most of the usual sorts of unconventional styles wouldn’t really look good on me. Moreover, because my job is at home, and it seems like a terrible bother to, you know, get all Gothed up to sit down at the computer for six hours, even if I made an attempt I’m pretty sure I’d be an abject failure. That’s the problem with *any* style.

It’s a hard life, I tell you. :)

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  1. I don’t think I look like the sort of person who would ask about a drum circle. Actually, I’m quite sure I don’t.

    Think of it as normalflage.

  2. You just have to buy the right clothes. I have normal clothes and conference clothes. Anyone who sees me in the conference clothes knows I write romance, and/or fantasy. I have a couple of “artsy” blouses that I can wear outside that will show the style…

    Don’t know if you’d be interested in anything like holyclothing.com but that’s sort of artsy but not too strange…


  3. “I don’t think I look like the sort of person who would ask about a drum circle. Actually, I’m quite sure I don’t.”

    Um. Yeah. I sort of know that feeling. I get those looks too. I remember the day I smiled and nodded at the punked out guy in Providence who was wearing apparel from two of my favorite bands. I was surprised when he just gave me a weird look. I realized, about half a block later, that I had been teaching that day and was wearing khakis and a sweater.

    And now it’s even worse.

    I dread the day I run into someone from work in line at the coffee place when I’m dressed for game…

  4. There was a period during which wearing a backpack meant (at least in the Twin Cities) “this person is an academic or a student.”

    However, since then backpacks have been adopted by such diverse groups as homeless men and fashion models.

  5. *ditto*
    Especially since my interests tend to range all over the map, I often get odd sideways glances — really? you have a tattoo? you like country/indie/goth/dance/world/metal music? you like what?? :)

    i actually kind of jolting people out of their preconceived notions a little…

  6. I just can’t be bothered by most “unconventional” looks that are in themselves merely their own little mainstreams, so to speak. So I wind up just doing whatever I feel like, and mostly I come off looking like a schlub. Lately that’s meant short hair, goatee amongst generally lazy shaving, and rolled up jeans cuffs. (I have very short legs.) And untucked t-shirts. I look like a 40 year old who dresses like a college student. Except for the cuffs.

    Lazy unchic, so to speak.

  7. I used to have that problem a lot. Then I got the tattoo. Lazy, unconventional, and memorable in one bold stroke, and all it cost was $90 and an hour of screaming agony! Great stuff, I tell ya.

  8. It IS fun. But also very annoying that it’s like that. Like so many things in this world…

  9. I know the feeling – I wanted to dress to show my eccentricities but some how I feel I just look silly. So I end up dressing like a very conservative person.

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