dwarven bakers

This morning I went to read my flist, and came across Ursula’s latest sketch.

What Ursula could not possibly know is that about a year ago, I logged onto a MUSH and Deborah said, without the slightest warning, “Kit, you are a dwarven baker who is about to be accosted by an elf on the Atkins diet. Go,” and we played out this scene with an increasingly grumpy dwarven baker and a terribly hungry elf who couldn’t go next door to the restaurant because it was owned by the guy she was supposed to marry but didn’t want to.

Eventually it was explained that Deborah had been telling Lisa that I could and would roleplay any character with only the very slightest information to begin with, and by the time I was done I would no doubt have an entire character history and know perfectly well why this dwarf was running a bakery when respectable dwarves were down in the mines. (It was his grandmother’s bakery. His grandmother, although we do not talk about it in polite company, was human. And frankly, baking’s a lot nicer than smashing about in the mines getting black lung, even if there’s the occasional annoying elf on Atkins who won’t eat a cream puff that’s good for her.)

It’s going to be a Very Ursula Christmas around my house.

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  1. I like how the giant spoon is strapped to his back instead of an axe. Very detailed and complete. I love the story too. You should include that in the one with the gargoyles if you can. :D

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