easy dinner fail

I have not wanted to cook in, oh, several weeks. A couple nights ago we were at the store and I thought about a recipe I’d seen online and I thought “I’ll just do that, I’ll get the stuff and it’ll be fast and easy and not really like cooking.”

I managed to use just about every pot in the house, ‘not cooking’. It was a pasta dish, okay, so okay, I needed to boil the pasta, that was fine. And make the cheesy bechemel sauce, okay. And steam the broccoli. And sautee the mushrooms because they taste best if they’re sauteed in butter and garlic before they go into the dish. And…well, by that time the only thing I hadn’t cooked was the torn chicken I’d bought to throw in, so basically I saved myself the effort of cutting up chicken breasts and cooking them.

Easy dinner: fail. @.@

It was very tasty, though.

We have more boxes. I haven’t yet put books into them. I did make about twelve dozen cookies (snickerdoodles and ginger snaps; the ginger snaps were the best I’ve ever made) and distributed them to the bookstore that’s been giving us boxes, Ted’s work, family, and friends. I babysat a friend’s infant, who obligingly went to sleep at the beginning of the babysitting and stayed that way the whole two hours, allowing me to have a two hour nap on their couch. I tried to order more DVD binders but they were out. I called for a moving quote. I…probably did some other things I can’t remember. I mean besides finishing s1 Leverage and starting s2. Which is not what I should be doing with my evenings, I should be writing, but I’m so fecking tired at the end of the day that writing seems impossible.

Ted brought three bags of clothes to the charity shops. I need to finish going through mine for another run. I need to go through Young Indiana’s, too. I…keep saying all these things we’re getting rid of but it still doesn’t seem to be making much of a dent. And now time is growing short and I’ve caught a cold and I’m wishing I was someone who drank coffee. Except coffee is vile.

I’m going to go work on this short story now. Must. get. some. kind. of. writing. done.

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