elfquest test

Which Elfquest elf are you?

By LJ user Afke aka Frozen Rain

I think I came out Kahvi last time, too. Uh, Winnowill, Cutter, Skywise and Bearclaw were my runners-up. o.O

4 thoughts on “elfquest test

  1. speaking of cutter…..do you know what ever became of him? after that first year or so, I stopped tracking most of the VHC….

  2. He and Liz moved to Arizona and had another baby, in more or less that order, I believe. But I have no idea what happened to them after that.

  3. Skywise ruined what would otherwise have been a full house of chiefs =)

  4. *LAUGH* You’re right! Damn, maybe I should go re-take the test and try to come up with Ember… :)

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