I have an EMILY! Last night at 9:30 the doorbell rang, and I thought: Well, I’m sure as hell not answering that, I don’t know who it could be and I’m in the middle of watching Farscape!

Ted answered the door, and I heard a plainitive voice say, “Can I come in and watch Farscape?” *laugh*

And now Emily is here! We have her for about a month, before she flies off to the wilds of Alaska. She has plans to go to the Alaska Native Heritage Center and learn all she can about the Lower Yukon, which is where she’ll be going. And Shaun’s going to run his game so Emily can get a bit of gaming in before she flies away, and hopefully Ted will also run /his/ game so etc etc etc and yeah. It’ll be cool. :)

My intentions to go on a long bike ride this morning were shot to hell by the fact that I stayed up til 1 last night gabbing with Emily, so perhaps tomorrow morning. :)

Tonight, there is homemade seafood fettucine for dinner and lemon meringue pie for dessert. Yummmmmmmmy. :)

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