er, unless

Er, unless you’re using Netscape 4. If you’re using Netscape 4, don’t even bother looking at LAS. It’s just a disaster.


  • Thenomain

    And if you are using Netscape 4 … stop! If you can’t run Mozilla (“Netscape 7” without the AOL bloat), there’s an even more streamlined version called “Phoenix”.

    And when you’re running Mozilla, you can tell Kit that Moz runs pure w3c standards and IE doesn’t so she should stop designing purely for IE!

    (Kit: You said I could be snarky! Ha!)

  • kit

    But LAS works on Mozilla! Um, at least I think Sarah said it did. I don’t have Mozilla, myself. I know it doesn’t work properly on Opera, but, well, my heart just bleeds.

    I didn’t mean you had to be snarky ALWAYS. :)

  • Thenomain

    LAS does work on Mozilla. It’s a wonderful thing! But (for instance) House of Cards doesn’t. This is the fault of IE/Moz rendering CSS positions differently.

    And I’ll always snark about designing for IE, tho you know I love you anyway, Kit.

  • kit

    Oh, really? I didn’t know HOC didn’t. That’s bizarre, since I used basically the same code to put LAS together. Huh. Oh well. :)

  • Thenomain

    See how she listens to me, folks? See? See? I feel so abused.

    It has to do with the placement of that pink-gloved guy. Positioning two items relative with one another (even if you’re using position: absolute on both) is not something you have on Last Angel Standing. Similar to the positioning problem with CEMurphy.net mentioned completely off this forum.

    Mind you, I think IE renders these things differently on purpose. That and the vaccum of space is enough to make my blood boil.

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