er. well.

Er. Well. That was easy.

I just called my 401k people to see if I could get a loan against my 401k for a down payment for a house. It took about seven minutes and I didn’t speak a word. The whole thing is entirely automated. I asked for a loan, I told it why, I told it how much, I told it how many months I wanted to pay it back over, it told me how much my bi-weekly repayment plan would be, then said it’d send a promissory note within two working days, that I should receive it within five to seven days, that I’d need to sign it, and that I would need to mail them the address of my primary residence by December 10th.


That was . . . really easy.


And I’ve changed my contribution rate on my 401k so between the repayment and the contribution, it’ll still be right about what it was anyway. Go me! Wow. That was really . . . easy! :)

7 thoughts on “er. well.

  1. Woot! Maybe-Soon-House Kit! Now you just have to find one you want.

    In other news, I borrowed (stole) the picture you took of me from behind the Chart House for my livejournal picture.

  2. Yay, house! Do you have any particular house in mind, or are you just seeing if it’s going to be possible to get one when you *do* see something you like?

  3. Now you just have to learn to put your URL in the ‘homepage’ option instead of the ’email’ option, Deen. ;)

    We don’t really exactly have a particular house in mind *yet*, although there are several we keep driving by hopefully. It’s a matter of getting ducks in a row, mostly. If we find one we really want, it’d be nice to have the money sitting in the bank on hand for a down payment. :)

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