errands and rain

I left the house to run some errands, and while I was out wanted to check to see if had answered my email, so stopped at an internet cafe, and now it’s pouring rain so I’m stuck here.

Oh darn.

The tally so far:

– 1 semi-functional cooker (have to hand-light both stovetop and oven. hah.)
– 1 non-functional power shower (no hot water)
– 1 microwave with alarming exposed wires
– 4 single beds and no double bed
– 1 cat who discovered the fireplace and became Amazingly Dirty

We’re to buy our own microwave and bring the receipt to the estate agents to have it taken off the price of next month’s rent. I suggested we do the same thing with the cooker. The agent thought that’d be absolutely swell (much less trouble on his part), and was going to check with the landlady. They’re arranging a skip for the beds, which are all pretty awful, and are supposed to be bringing a double bed in for us. We’re planning on buying a couple futons to replace them so we have space for guests.

Lucy is the dirtiest kitty I’ve ever seen. Even after Ted and I joined forces to wash her (necessary, when you’re trying to wash a cat in a sink), and the water turned black with soot, she is still a quite dirty kitty. But I didn’t have a camera handy and I hope it won’t be repeated, so you don’t get to see how dirty she was. :)

Ok, it’s stopped raining, I’m gone!


  1. sammywol

    Ha! You were in an internet cafe. I was in the park. All very April showers wasn’t it? Hope did answer your email.

    If you get a skip do please give us a heads up and we along with half your street, can bring some stuff to chuck in. Don’t turn your back on a skip in Ireland or people will kindly fill it for you, to save you the trouble you understand. Occasionally people come and take stuff out to though.

    could you maybe do a colour flow chart for the filthy cat? ;)

  2. ext_52157

    At least you didn’t have to deal with a broken water main as I did this weekend. Two days without water for anything and when it did come back it was muddy. :P

  3. robinowenswrite

    Well, it’s been an interesting Home-type year for my friends. I will be paying off the new sewer line for some time to come.

    As for kitties…my Mom’s young cat got lost just before she left for China. (Many stories about this time). Eventually was located (after 18 days) in a 6 car garage. I spent the rest of her vacation with him, washing him. His nose was black! (usually pink).

    Wilbur the Wonder Cat…or 18 days stuck in the garage….a thrilling adventure.

  4. childlight

    Any time you have to bath a cat put a towel down in the bottom of the sink or tub. They like having something under their feet that they have traction on. 6 kittens with ringworm getting baths twice a week…you learn.

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