Everybody’s doing it :)

I guess if everybody else jumped off a bridge I…would totally not because I’m terrified of heights and bridges in particular give me the heebie jeebies so I’d be the one like lying on my belly in the middle of the bridge hyperventilating. Unless there were like zombies or something equally horrible on the bridge that would make jumping a more likely survival scenario than staying, although the statistics on surviving a jump off a high bridge aren’t good so I don’t know, maybe it’d be zombies after all.

…did I get off track there? Yes. Derailed before I even began. Oh dear.

In a couple of hours it’s going to be the year my generation definitively regarded as The Future: 2015 is the year Doc Brown took Marty McFly Back to the Future to. We lack flying cars and hoverboards, but Doc, like everybody else, failed to anticipate the Internet, so we at least got a unique future. (We have also not been blown up by Skynet yet, although presumably with the upcoming reboot our chances to be blown up will also be reset.)

My 2014 is ending with having had an epiphany about how completely and totally I’d screwed up the epic fantasy proposal I wrote, and staring in abject despair at the prospect of rewriting it entirely from scratch. It will, however, be much better. If I can ever find time to write it.

I have no particular feelings on the year that has gone past. I cannot, it seems, remember much of it. Not enough sleep, too much stress, a reasonable if never large enough amount of writing; a great kid, a lovely and loving family, a lot of good friends. I finished the Walker Papers series, which put a pretty big cap on a full decade (and more) of my life, and STONE’S THROE, my pulp fiction novel, went out to the Kickstarter backers just a few days ago. (It’ll be generally available in a couple of months.) The REDEEMER Kickstarter went–let’s face it–unexpectedly well, and I like to think I’ll be well-poised to take advantage of all the fanboys and girls hungry for post-WW2 urban fantasy in the wake of Agent Carter‘s premiere soon.

I have an impossible number of resolutions for 2015, which is par for the course, nevermind that in my entire life I’ve only ever kept one resolution, which was made six or so years ago, and which was to floss more. I also have an impossible amount of writing to do (it was looking okay up until the total rewrite on the epic came up), and I do not know where I’m going to find enough hours in the day. I shall have to do my best.

May the best of 2014 be equal to the worst of 2015. #lifts a glass

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