evil, but stylish

Ok, the Alaskan senators are evil, but at least Stevens is evil with style. :)

(Actually, Stevens is pretty cool, as a person. It’s just his politics that are evil. He’s been in office since Nixon, who tried to strongarm him into voting a party line on something–like Bush did with that Senator who defected a couple years ago–and Stevens bodily threw the two guys Nixon had sent out of his office, and told them he wasn’t going back on the floor until the President came down and apologized in person.

…which Nixon did.)

3 thoughts on “evil, but stylish

  1. That’s really funny! Thing is, I can see him doing it. Alaskan congresspeople are just weird. Generally evil, but also generally very weird.

  2. And Stevens isn’t exactly a giant guy…..He’s not very tall or burly……

    Weird moment: last time I flew home for Christmas (dec. 2001), Congress was in session until JUST before Xmas. Stevens flew back to AK on the same flight as me, and was seated in coach class. Flying into Anchorage Airport was a little surreal, as the pilot announced that we’d be landing shortly at Ted Stevens International Airport, with the man himself three rows behind me….

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