Sort of low key exercise this morning. I did my situps and pushups and leg lifts, but when I went to do my jumping rope, I tripped over the rope 4 times in the first 10 jumps and got grumpy and quit.

It is still very, *very* windy out. Our thermometer says it’s 10 below, and there are 30mph winds. The inside-the-house thermostat has been turned up to 79, and the actual temperature is residing at 69. :/ Although maybe that’ll even up now that two of the bedroom doors are open, which they aren’t at night. It’s warm in the bedrooms.

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  1. I virtuously only spent $7 apiece on seeds and fabric, but I did no exercising today other than meandering aimlessly in stores selling said objects for about 45 minutes each, trying to make up my mind.

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