existentially important question

And lo, so came the day when she faced the question that in time must come to all who walk these halls:

What should I do with the signed & personalized books I don’t expect to re-read? I’ve gotten very hard-hearted about keeping books, because they take up so much space and are so much of a pain to move, and because I don’t read, much less re-read, very much anymore. (*snivel* Also, this is why I want an e-reader.) But the question of signed copies, well. That becomes a difficult one. *frowns thoughtfully at the shelves*

(Don’t be silly, I’m keeping *yours*, of course.)


  1. If they are not personalized you can always see about selling them on ebay. Or simply giving them away – have the taker pay the postage.

    Personally I’m not a big fan of selling your signed books on ebay. It seems, I don’t know, like taking advantage of the author that signed them. Then again you are an author and maybe you feel totally different! LOL

    I know that I would be willing to pay for postage for a free signed book if it was something I really wanted.

    Just a thought.

  2. Auction them off for Charity?

    You could add a special note to the person who wins the book, so it’s a double autographed book, AND who could object about the book they signed raising money for a good cause?

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