fairly nifty

This is fairly nifty: the postman just walked by and shoved two DVDs through the mail slot! But I need to make some effort to write this morning before being such a slug as to watch movies.

Speaking of which,we watched the first DVD of season 2 Nikita last night. We had to watch the whole DVD, because it wouldn’t run at first (eventually it did, after I Windexed it), and we were afraid if we didn’t play it all the way through we wouldn’t be able to get it to run again. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. :) I personally think they made the story too complicated in the first couple episodes, but OTOH they introduced a new character played by Bruce Payne, whose name I couldn’t for the life of me remember, though I recognized him and think he’s very raar. (He was the Kimmie in “Highlander: End Game”, Jacob Kell, among lots of other parts (Passenger 57 being another).) So that part’s good, anyway. :)

I’m pretty sure I’m going to dye most of my hair back to its natural color (I hadn’t realized how much it had lightened) and have a pro bleach the stripe a few days before X3. I’ll get the worst of the damaged ends trimmed off, probably 4 inches or so on the front (which will leave it longer than chin-length and still pull-backable) and about an inch from the rest. I may do that part before X3, like, maybe Thursday, because I really hate the way it feels. (Although really, I could just *clip* the front myself; I don’t think that takes any particular skill, and the rest could wait.) (an hour later, ETA: I did just take about four inches off the damaged part in the front, and it looks and feels much, much better. I am much happier. I may not even bother dying the rest of it.)

Right. Having shared these scintillating details of my life with you, I will now go work on my book script.

Oh! got his name drawn from the hat! Which book do you want, Trent? Er, which book do you not *have* yet? THUNDERBIRD? Or you could have FIREBIRD; I should be getting copies any day now.

(You know, somehow I hadn’t noticed until a day or two ago, when I wrote them down at the same time like that, that I had two *BIRD titles coming out in the next six weeks…)

I’d been going to say something else–oh! Mom was going down to get fitted for a costume as an extra in a movie this morning. Dad’s been volunteering her, apparently. She didn’t actually know yet if she was going to be suitable for being an extra, but they wanted her to come down and get fitted anyway. My parents are gonna be MOOBIE STARS. :) I love my family. :) That hadn’t been what I was going to say, but it’s true anyway. :)

What I’d been going to say is that it appears ButcherCon’s been cancelled. I think that’s a shame, though I have a lot of other opinions, too. Perhaps I’ll expound upon them later. Or not. :)

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  1. THANNK YOU! For posting the link to Bruce Payne, he was in a movie called Pyrates a movie that “No One” has heard of. And it’s one of my favorite Kevin Bacon movies. The best phrase to describe it “It doesn’t suck as much as it should” And has some truly sweet moments. Thank you thank you thank you
    -Beard5–a true fan of bad/odd movies.

  2. Oh really? I’ll have to look for that movie, then. Maybe Screenclick can get it for me. ’cause I like movies that don’t suck as much as they should. :) (Aw, no luck with Screenclick. Drat.) Anyway, you’re welcome! :)

  3. Augh! I just had to look, didn’t I, and they have a similar service over here. And while I don’t have much interest in renting DVDs for myself, it occured to me that such a service would be a perfect fit for Cat. No more shelves filled with childrens movies that she’s outgrown, and because we can keep them as long as we want she can do her usual thing of watching the same movie repeatedly/constantly over 2-3 weeks until she finally tires of it… Ohwell, cheaper than buying them as long as we get at least two a month :)

  4. I’ll decide after I go to Borders and am either able or not able to pick up TBF. :)

  5. Hey Catie!
    I got a copy of TBF this weekend! I was totally excited about it too!! You said you have another one out soon?!!! I had to go to B&N in Anchorage for TBF but the Dermody books should show up at Freddys, hope so! Can’t wait. My son doesn’t believe that a FAMOUS author used to be my very best friend!! TOO COOL! ~~Rhonnie

  6. *laugh*! Email me your address. I’ll send your son a postcard or something. *laugh*! Um, yes, FIREBIRD DECEPTION is out in June, but yeah, that should be available at Freddie’s. Awesome! I’m glad you got a copy of TBF! :)

  7. I had a dream I pulled Thunderbird Falls out of a bookshelf at Borders. Except I only now realized it was a dream.

    I’m getting pretty irritated by “Writers’ Weekend”.

  8. Hey have you seen that there is a new trailer for X3 that focuses on Rogue? I saw it…uh about 30 times on tv last night…there is a reason I DVR everything. *goes to see if it is online* Well I can’t find it (in the short amount of time I looked) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t out there…I just have some pressing matters here at work. But wanted to let you know it was out there and very cool.

  9. Ooh! I’m sorry it was a dream!

    There is a lot of irritation going around at . Irritation might be putting it kindly, at that.

  10. I have not. Perhaps I will be strong and try not to look for it. Or perhaps I’ll be weak and look. Thanks. :)

  11. Embers of irritation have been fanned into flames of temper.

    I gotta find some other writing conference to attend. Have any recommendations?

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