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Oop. Fantasy Flight Games turned me down, but they did say they’d like to keep my submission on file in case they have additional assignments available in the future. So that’s not *too* bad. :) They’re only publishing 2 trilogies next year, and there were lots of submissions, so I’m not too crushed. Plus he invited me to send in new writing samples as my work continues, so, hey! Not too bad!

In other news, I got a wonderful letter from Jessie Wulf at the RMFW contest (ok, it was actually pretty much a form letter, but she wrote a personalized note on it, and that makes me cheerful!), and Teresa Nielsen Hayden is the SF/F category judge, which means she’s got … my submission, the name of which I won’t mention because she’s been by to read this page at least once and it’s supposed to be a blind taste test. :)

And I’m making chicken soup for dinner, and boy does it smell good.

Hey! I’ve walked 19.5 miles since last Monday! No walk with Jai tonight, ’cause I’ve got Spanish class at 6pm and she doesn’t get off work til 4:30, so the timing is too tight, but Chanti and I are going to go for a walk anyway. Despite the fact that it’s dribbling rain.

Cheerful me!

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  1. I’ll go by and throw a rock in the window for you; it’s an utterly unprepossessing pink brick structure.

    Pink. Blerch.

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