February To-Done

day two books!

February has not been quite as busy as January, because January was shockingly busy, but I have also not slept enough in February, either, which is definitely one thing I did the same as January. Still, I got quite a lot done:

– finished dissecting a book to see how it worked. it was really interesting and the post about that will be up soon at my Patreon
– wrote a fairly intensive 40 page grant proposal
– did about 15K on the new book
– read a couple of research books
– roughed out 3 short synopses
– wrote 1 short synopsis

I actually planned/expected/hoped to get quite a lot more than that done, but the grant proposal took a lot longer than I thought it would, so, well, y’know. Such is life. Still, it wasn’t an unproductive month. :)