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    Daily Life

    March To-Done

    What March did not have was a lot of is blogging. There has been an awful lot of Life going on, much of it positive in nature, but still, there’s been a lot of it.

    In March I:

    – wrote a 5k proposal chapter
    – wrote a short synopsis & 20ish pages of a proposal
    – wrote a very tiny bit on the new book

    …that is not nearly as much as I would have liked it to be. And I know for a fact that April isn’t going to be as productive as I want it to be, because we have major, major life stuff going on this month, but I suppose I’ll do my best to work around it. We’re down to our last ten or eleven days of 100 days of writing, so I’ve got to manage to get that in every day at least, and I joined Camp Nanowrimo, although that just looks like a disaster in the making, under the circumstances.

  • day two books!
    Daily Life

    February To-Done

    February has not been quite as busy as January, because January was shockingly busy, but I have also not slept enough in February, either, which is definitely one thing I did the same as January. Still, I got quite a lot done:

    – finished dissecting a book to see how it worked. it was really interesting and the post about that will be up soon at my Patreon
    – wrote a fairly intensive 40 page grant proposal
    – did about 15K on the new book
    – read a couple of research books
    – roughed out 3 short synopses
    – wrote 1 short synopsis

    I actually planned/expected/hoped to get quite a lot more than that done, but the grant proposal took a lot longer than I thought it would, so, well, y’know. Such is life. Still, it wasn’t an unproductive month. :)

  • day two books!
    Daily Life

    January To-Done

    January was an excrutiatingly busy month and I don’t actually know how I got this all done, but somehow I did. I:

    – submitted a manuscript to three publishers
    – submitted a proposal to a publisher
    – wrote & delivered an Old Races short story for and delivered a novella to the patreon crew
    – wrote a 2 page book proposal
    – wrote a grant application, including a 12 page book proposal
    – wrote a 10 page book synopsis/proposal
    – hashed out a film synopsis (still needs work)
    – got halfway thru a dissection of another project
    – blogged more than A DOZEN times (i’m very proud)
    – wrote a little on a new book
    – revamped my patreon totally
    – total wordcount: around 17K, probably

    and possibly other stuff I’m forgetting right now because agh there’s been a lot.

    However, lest you think I did NOTHING but work, let me also say I:

    – watched 3 Marvel movies as part of the marathon
    – watched RUNAWAYS and THE GIFTED
    – read a book and a few graphic novels
    – went to the gym MORE THAN TWICE o.o
    – passed 100 days of studying spanish
    – meditated a bit
    – did some family things
    – knitted some for the first time in over a year

    I tell you what I did not do enough of. I did not sleep enough. I went to bed too late all month, and I feel it. Must try to do better on that front this month. :p Aside from that, though…I think I done pretty good, eh?

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    To-Done, Q1 2016

    My To-Done 2016 (Work Version) thus far includes finishing the REDEEMER rough draft, revising ATLANTIS FALLEN (twice, and am partway through a third), launching MAGIC & MANNERS, writing 3 short stories, and revising one short story.

    Somehow it doesn’t seem like very much when I write it down like that, and that just seems unfair. It’s felt like a huge amount of work. It’s BEEN a huge amount of work. It just doesn’t…look very impressive.

    Anyway, that really is quite a lot to have gotten done, isn’t it? (Please, she said pathetically?) April will see launching ATLANTIS FALLS, writing another short story, getting REDEEMER polished up to first draft status and submitted to the editor, and…and whatever bits and pieces I’m not thinking of right now.

    Tell you what, though, my big plan to clear the bookshelf of everything that hadn’t been read by the end of the year? That’s going to have to get put on hold, because I’ve read one…two? Books this year. Because I’ve been working so much, and coloring when I’m taking down time, instead of reading. (I find reading, especially new fiction, really difficult when I’m working. My brain is committed to a book already, basically, and it’s very hard for me to engage with something new.) And it’s not fair even to myself to say “to the used bookstore with you!” about the TBR shelf when I’ve been working this much instead of reading.

  • Chance, by Ardian Syaf
    Thinks To Do

    to done

    screw a things to do list. i should be keeping a things i’ve done list.

    today i’ve made bread, brownies, chicken pot pie & cookies, walked five miles, done 30 pushups and a load of laundry, put together a ballet barre, danced with my kid, cleaned the kitchen, worked on sorting out the office, and some other stuff i can’t remember because now i’m trying to write it down.

    i don’t know why i’m so hard on myself. i’m a freaking amazon. all should look upon my works and freaking *despair*.

    also, i rocked my rogue stripe today:


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