January To-Done

day two books!

January was an excrutiatingly busy month and I don’t actually know how I got this all done, but somehow I did. I:

– submitted a manuscript to three publishers
– submitted a proposal to a publisher
– wrote & delivered an Old Races short story for and delivered a novella to the patreon crew
– wrote a 2 page book proposal
– wrote a grant application, including a 12 page book proposal
– wrote a 10 page book synopsis/proposal
– hashed out a film synopsis (still needs work)
– got halfway thru a dissection of another project
– blogged more than A DOZEN times (i’m very proud)
– wrote a little on a new book
– revamped my patreon totally
– total wordcount: around 17K, probably

and possibly other stuff I’m forgetting right now because agh there’s been a lot.

However, lest you think I did NOTHING but work, let me also say I:

– watched 3 Marvel movies as part of the marathon
– read a book and a few graphic novels
– went to the gym MORE THAN TWICE o.o
– passed 100 days of studying spanish
– meditated a bit
– did some family things
– knitted some for the first time in over a year

I tell you what I did not do enough of. I did not sleep enough. I went to bed too late all month, and I feel it. Must try to do better on that front this month. :p Aside from that, though…I think I done pretty good, eh?

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