feeling chipper!

Feeling pretty cheerful this morning. Ted and I went to see Hellboy a second time last night, and I think I might’ve liked it more the second time than the first! We also went and saw Ella Enchanted, which was not good all the way up to the end, which pushed it right over into being bad. Yow. I was very glad we’d paid matinee prices. o.O

Fiiiiiiinally did some more writing this morning. Chapter 7 is Entirely New. Furthermore, I have cleverly figured out how to make the original ch. 7/new ch. 8 work better, even if the mechanics of it are something that probably won’t be found out until, erm. Later. Possibly the third book. That’s okay, though. *I* know what happens, so I’m good with it. I’m going to do the rewrite on ch. 7/8 this afternoon, too, which will make me feel less lame. :)

I must go for my walk in a little bit here. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to try one longer walk instead of two shorter ones. No: I don’t think I will. My back is doing okay. I’m better off doing two shorter ones for at least another week, even if it seems kind of silly.

Let’s see, what else. Not much else! Ted’s off at an audition for a job (a pastry/prep chef position at Orso’s, a good restaurant here in Anchorage) for the summer, and the house is v. quiet.

Gaming tonight!

ytd wordcount: 124,700
miles to Rivendell: 388.5

2 thoughts on “feeling chipper!

  1. Good decision to go for 2 short walks. Less stress and strain and all that.

    Glad you’re getting over your writing lameness. V. disabling that.

    Write on, McCatie, write on!

  2. Hey, another friend of mine is gaming tonight too! Maybe you game with him and don’t even know it. *wink* heehee

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