I wish — I wish many things, but at the moment I wish I had more (like, oh, all) of MD written. I wish trying to write while lying flat on my back didn’t make me fall asleep. I wish sitting up to use my laptop didn’t make my back hurt. I wish I wasn’t nervous about this convention. *sigh*

2 thoughts on “feh.

  1. singing – I wish a lot of things

    (I will now allow my assistants to blame you for the singing I will be doing for the rest of the day.)

    You’ll do fine when you get there. I hope you get lucky and catch a lot of words for MD before you go to the convention.

  2. I was singing that too, when I wrote that entry. Pavlovian, anyone?

    I’d feel more confident about catching a lot of words for MD if sitting with my laptop was more comfortable. :P I guess we’ll see how it goes, though…

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