ferrets and swimming

I was going to say something else, but I forgot what, so a ferret said that I was going to talk about how cool ferrets are and how people should bring them more ice cream, because they’ve eaten all their ice cream. That’s not what I was going to say, but I like to oblige ferrets.

What I was going to say was, my poor husband commented after I swam that I smelled nice, and I was like, “Yah! Chlorine!” and he was like, um, no, your shampoo…

Well, it’s not my FAULT! Chlorine smells good! It’s, like, raar! Yum! Good! Raar! And Ted said, “April (someone he was engaged to once) was a swimmer, too. Swimmers are *weird*.” And I’m all like, “But, but! Chlorine GOOD! Raar!” He said he thinks the human brain is pretty weird that it can be convinced that rat poison is an aphrodisiac. :)

But it makes sense! It does! Humans are very olfactory-oriented, even if they don’t know it! Swimming is exercise! Exercise is good! Swimming smells like chlorine! Chlorine is good! Sex is good! Chlorine is sexy! *Really*!

Um. Right. I’m gonna be over here in the corner, sniffing at the other swimmers and pretending that we’re the normal ones. :)

1 thought on “ferrets and swimming

  1. I tend to agree (about the clorine) I LOVE the way I smell after I swim, and I especially love that when I swam consistantly, there was always that little tang of clorine around me. Maybe it is that we have USED our bodies rather than just hanging out in them. Sigh…the Dimond High water aerobics is lame. Bartlett was MUCH better, but now I live too far away.

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