1150 words this morning, not quite as productive as I’d hoped but better than a kick in the teeth. I want to get through this bit I’m working on, so I’ll probably write more on TB tonight. I may need to print the next hundred pages out so I can read them. Er. Not, like, the next 100 that I haven’t written yet, although *damn* that’d be useful. Rather, the 100 pages that I’ve written since I printed out the first 200 pages. The right first 200 pages, as opposed to the old, wrong first 200 pages, which weren’t 200 pages anyway.

I’m going to stop now before I injure myself somehow. o.o

thinks to do:
1. remind Ted to call his practicum person
2. passport pictures
3. gym
4. laundry

ytd wordcount: 46,450

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