five down…

3900 words written today. 67K words written total. 45 chapters. 353 pages, in double-spaced 12pt Courier font. One novel, finished.

*very slightly smug look*

5 thoughts on “five down…

  1. And congratumalations to you, too! (I just came here from Sarah’s blog. Yes, I’ve been watching you both…)

    Sounds like it’s definitely time for Jigs of Writing Joy and Relief…

  2. The one true font, according to editors and whatnot, is Courier or Courier New at 12pt, actually.

    This in no way diminshes the fact that Kit is GREAT!

  3. Yay novel! Get started on the screenplay now, so you can sell it with the movie rights when you win the Newberry! Go Kit!

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