five of eight

Now we come to the more recent stuff…

I’m pretty sure this guy is only a kid, relatively speaking. He told me he’s only been drawing sequential art seriously for a few months, and that his biggest influences were Jim Lee and Joe Maduriera; I think the latter particularly shows in his work, which has a more manga feel than I was going for. OTOH, the initial gallery he pointed me at was good enough to pursue him a little bit. I think in another couple-three years, he’s going to be a real talent.

I think the second mask he did is probably my favorite out of all of ’em I’ve seen. Donno why. I just liked it. :)

4 thoughts on “five of eight

  1. I agree with the second mask comment. The coat’s pretty, but I keep thinking “Man, what’s the use of a skin-tight suit if you’ve got that flappy coat wrapping around both legs.”

    Too much wearing long skirts, I know how they bind up! :)

  2. Y’know, I didn’t go there, though now that you’ve said it I tot… well, yes, I did go there with the costumes. I didn’t so much with the headshots, which is what I was thinking of when I started typing. Anyway, yeah. :)

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