The only two Proclaimers songs I’ve ever heard are “500 Miles” and “I’m On My Way”. Is the rest of their music that relentlessly bouncy and mood-improving to listen to? Because if it is, I should get one of their albums.

Erm. Where *does* one stay if one goes to ComicCon? Is the convention centre itself a hotel, or, er, what?

Is anybody going to WFC? Should we do the banquet dinner? I did it last year (and met and , which was cool), but I donno, we might want to make other arrangements for Saturday night’s dinner… Anyway, registration has been paypaled, so that’s taken care of, I’m filling out the forms not quite as we speak, and when Ted gets home I’ll steal the credit card and pay for the hotel.

Meh. I was struggling with this chapter, and a couple hours ago started to suspect I’d done something wrong, and now I’ve figured out what was wrong and deleted most of it. Which, really, is record time; usually it takes days to figure out what’s wrong. It was almost all just dead weight, though, a couple of scenes that didn’t really need to happen, and frankly, if I can tell at this stage that the scene doesn’t need to be there, it really, really doesn’t, because I usually hate having to cut things out during the first draft. Even if this is like the third draft in some ways.

Oh hey, just got confirmation for the dance class. Oop, it starts 11 Sept, so I’ll have to abandon and husband (hers, not mine; I assume mine will be working) for an hour that evening.

I’m going to go lie like a lump now.

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  1. I believe they’ve moved the banquet back to its traditional time slot of Sunday afternoon, which should free your Saturday evening up nicely.

    Bantam always has a couple of tables for their authors, so I’ll probably wind up going.

  2. If you go to Comic Con, you stay at one of the very many hotels in the area. They usually open up for booking in February and rooms go /very/ fast. (Seriously. The booking normally opens at 9am and they’re gone by 10.) The information for 2007 is still up here: http://www.comic-con.org/cci/cci_hotel.shtml It seems likely that I will be arranging for two rooms next year just because the number of people I will be there with is growing slowly but surely. I will not be staying where we stayed this year again though. Too far from the trolley. I don’t mind having to take the trolley in but having to walk about a mile to get to the trolley is lame.

    You don’t have to stay at any of the hotels listed there but these are the hotels that have special convention rates and most of them have special convention shuttles to the Convention Center.

  3. Erm. Where *does* one stay if one goes to ComicCon? Is the convention centre itself a hotel, or, er, what?

    Which con are you talking about? One of the ones here in Dublin? If so, I’ll find out whatever you need to know for you.

  4. “Erm. Where *does* one stay if one goes to ComicCon? Is the convention centre itself a hotel, or, er, what?”

    There are a whole lot of hotels in the area, but as someone else said, they book up fast. There is a trolley that drops off directly in front of the convention center, so if you wanted to you could stay in an area somewhat close by and bus/trolley in, but know that a zillion others will be doing the same thing.

    I’m a San Diego native, and have gone to the comic con for the past decade, my S.O. has been going for about double that, and until this past year (we now live within short taxi distance) we always made it a point to get there a few hours early — you can find parking…but you’ll have to walk or pay a fee.

  5. As for the Proclaimers – I believe that is the case. I also think they have a new album out/coming out. I’m thinking this because I caught the last bit of a Radio 2 interview with them over the weekend, and they are about to go on tour all through the UK and Ireland…

  6. The Proclaimers are also responsible for “Letter From America,” which is less bouncy than the other two, but still pretty upbeat in tempo, if not necessarily in vibe.

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