for some reason…

For some reason, Ted thought this comic was very very very very funny. :)

We had a fantastic Christmas here in IRELAND. Ahahhah! Ireland! Christmas! In Ireland! Ahahah! *ahem* :) We all went out to Deirdre and Gavin’s and exchanged an enormous number of gifts. The two real highlights were the toy castle, complete with dragons and knights and orcs and wizards and horses and trebuchets and murder holes and elves and dwarves and portcullises and other good things that Breic got from Uncle Shaun, who was so excited when he found it I had to call up Deirdre and ask if Shaun could get Breic the castle, which we weren’t sure about because it has cannonballs and things that Seirid might (and did) try to eat. Deirdre said it was okay, so Shaun was very happy and got to get Breic the castle. :)

The other real prize gift was from Deirdre and Catie and Ted and Gavin and Shaun, to my parents. We got them a trip to Venice. :) Dad’s jaw fell open when he read the card. Then Mom’s did, because she had to take the card away from Dad ’cause he stopped reading it out loud. :) We were very pleased with ourselves. :)

Ok. We’re going to go see The Producers, so I have to stop posting and go. :)

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  1. You know, I didn’t find that comic funny…(?) However, I laughed and laughed at Rita Skeeter in the broomcloset with Harry Potter in Goblet of fire when Harry objects to what she’s writing. Laughed longer than anyone else in the theater…and when Sunset Blvd (musical) came and there was that line about why he became a hack (he likes to eat), I was the only one in the huge fancy theater to laugh…Yeah, writer jokes really get me.

    Glad you had a GREAT holiday.


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