for the sake of…

For the sake of clarity: *Starling* is the one who’s *deliberately* breeding dozens, or at least several, horses. *Her* horses are Capucine, who is pregnant, Petit Point, who is not, and Palisades, who is certainly not pregnant but who will be arriving at Ambarranch any moment now, where his job will be to impregnant Petit Point at the earliest opportunity.

*Sarah* is the one who’s horses are being boarded and are *unexpectedly* turning up pregnant all over the place. Or at least, turning up with babies. We don’t actually know for *sure* that they’re pregnant. Yet. Can one do a blood test on a horse to see if it’s pregnant? Or is that too costly to bother with? I have no idea. :)

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  • Sarah

    My horses are indeed turning up pregnant with no previous warning. I shall have pictures of the adorable baby up soon. And apparently, to have an ultrasound done, which is what this woman wants to do, you have to wait about 14 days, so. Now we wait.

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