Frozen :)

I made Ted watch Frozen last night, for the value of ‘made’ which means we checked the running time of Pacific Rim and it was too long and so he put Frozen on instead. :)

He really liked it, of course, and thought all the bad bits were bad but that overall it was terrific (and actually the bad bits are growing on me; I just watched it with Young Indiana, too), but five minutes in he was going “Holy cow, that young with that much power?” and ten minutes in he desperately wanted Elsa to join the X-Men (yes, I told him about the video “how Frozen should have ended” that addressed that), and we were like “She could totally show Bobby a thing or two,” although, he said, when Bobby gets his act together… but of course Bobby rarely gets his act together. :)

And then afterward he said he wanted a sequel, in which (spoiler behind the cut, just in case)

in which Hans comes back with a fire mage! Which I thought was a pretty good idea! “A super cute hot (hahaha) fire mage lady for Elsa to fall in love with!” I said.

“I don’t think Disney’s that progressive,” he said. :)

And then we came up with a YA fairy tale series for me to write. One that I think actually could be really splendid. :)


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