funny, funny dream

I woke up at five to five from the most patently ridiculous dream. I woke up laughing so hard I was snorting and shaking the bed, and Ted panicked, afraid I was horribly injured somehow. *helpless laughter*

I dreamed that there was some kind of event going on at UAA, and that Peter Wingfield was going to be there for a contest to see who was the best stage wizard, and the winner got a sewing machine. Now, Sarah was in this dream, and she and I both knew that it was very, very funny that the prize was a sewing machine, because at some (non-real) con that she and I had gone to, there was a costume contest which Peter had not known about in advance and he had to borrow a sewing machine and sequester himself in his room for the entirety of the con when he wasn’t onstage, so he could get his costume done.

Emily and Deirdre were also in this dream. We discovered that there were a whole series of events playing at UAA, including a staging of Hamlet, which Peter was in before his wizard show. We all decided together that we would go down to — ooh, this has reminded me of another dream about a house — go down to UAA together, only for some inexplicable reason I needed to change my pants. While I was running around trying to find pants to wear, I pulled open a door and discovered it looked down into the back of the gym, which is where the shows were being performed. There a few feet below me, was Peter Wingfield, in a grey t-shirt and black sweats, dancing. Three or four other people were ‘on stage’ — on the gym floor — as well. I thought, “Oh! We should stay here instead of going down to UAA, the view is much better here!” (This was after taking a moment to admire Peter’s bum, which I did.) Hamlet, it seemed, had been turned into a musical. Glenn Close was in it.

So I went to look for the others to explain that we should stay, and then there was some tomfoolry wherein I went into a locker room which actually was not separated from the stage at all, and I got in Ophelia’s (who was, I think, being played by my sister’s roommate Cecilia) way and kept putting the old pants that I didn’t want to wear on and forgetting to put the new ones on.

At some point in this, the other three gave up and came looking for me. I managed to get my pants on, and we headed out to … well. The stage/gym, although we were actually heading for the door. However, by that time, audience members were being dragged into the show, and as we passed, we were pulled in. The entire cast (the whole cast and as much audience had been dragged in, which was a goodly number of people by then) including ourselves all lay down on our stomachs facing stage left, although by the time we actually got down the back row of the cast was popping to its feet again, a row at a time in a very choreographed fashion. Emily and Deirdre were in the row immediately behind me, and I was in the row closest to the audience (hey, it’s my dream!) and they popped to their feet and I popped to mine and stepped back into line and we started doing a chorus line, but I couldn’t get on the right foot, and Deirdre gave me a look of such withering disgust that I began to laugh.

And snort. And shake. And snort some more. And giggle. And laugh and laugh and laugh, until I shook the bed and woke Ted up and had to explain that he wasn’t going to think this was *nearly* as funny as I did. I, however, was belly-laughing (ow! crunches yesterday! ow!) and had tears rolling down my face. It was so very, *very* funny.

And as I told Ted about this, Chantico came LEAP BOUND RUN CHARGE up the stairs and LEAPT onto the bed and wriggled and wriggled and wriggled and I laughed and laughed and laughed and now it’s six in the morning and I’ve already spent half an hour outside and it seems like there’s no point in going back to bed because I’d *like* to go swim in half an hour, although I’m also awfully sleepy and I’m a little afraid that going swimming will end in taking a three hour nap this afternoon.

Also, the house dream: I dreamed there was a house on a corner and it only cost $120K and Ted and I went in to look at it, but my Mom was already looking at it, and from the inside, it was clear it couldn’t possibly cost only $120K: it had a tower with a three-story switchback staircase, at the top of which was a master bedroom. On the way up the tower (the first time) it overlooked the ENORMOUS SUNKEN LIVING ROOM, which, upon exploration, proved to have a huge kitchen off to the right and an enormous windowed office beyond it and a dance studio (well, it wasn’t *yet*, but it could be!) to the left of it. On the way up the tower the second time, there were two or three bedrooms, not exactly off the stairs, but more like the stairs went into them and went out again; and Ted went in to take a shower in the master bedroom, but when he came out he was speaking gobbledy-gook, and we had to make sure he came out through the *right door* so he could get his language back, and by that time we’d discovered that the owner of the house was still in it, so showering in her house seemed kind of rude, and by that time the house cost $667K anyway, which my mother seemed to be considering as if it were quite reasonable but which Ted and I couldn’t exactly afford.

I’m really sleepy. O.O

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