further accomplishments!

God, I’m good. Wait, did I say that once already? That’s okay, I don’t mind if I did. God, I’m good!

Further things accomplished:

1: warm fuzzies put into laundry to remove cat fur from them so they can be worn without sneezing fits.

2: New photos of cats put up. This is mostly Starling’s fault. Honest. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

3: New Kithair. (Compare to last December. And to March 2001.)

4: An additional 2 glasses of water consumed. This behavior causes one to have to pee a lot. (There are no links in this one. You don’t need to see a picture of me peeing. o.O )

5: Photos of my cousin Kerry and her boyfriend put up.

6: There is no 6. Haven’t I done enough so far today?

(Hi, Aunt Kathy! See? A website. :) )

2 thoughts on “further accomplishments!

  1. Catie has mushroom-hair! Hee!

    Aww, I get all nostalgic about playing airplane with Zilli now!

  2. Well! I’m trying to grow my dratted hair out again, and I want it all of a length. Which of course means the top has to be longer than the sides. So it’s a mushroom for me, at least for a few months!

    Actually, I kinda like it. Even if Dwan thinks I look like Harry Potter. o.O :)

    Zilli will be here to play airplane with when you come visit. Speaking of which, I need to email you about that …

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