fuss fuss

Fuss fuss. Sarah’s all dizzy and blurry from some sort of inner ear problem. Ear infection, maybe. Fuss fuss. she should go to a doctor. Fuss fuss!

We went out to buy dog food for Aberdeen’s roommate’s apparently sensitive-tummied German Shepherd and get him some ear mite remover. It took three stores to find this stuff. Good thing we found it at the third, or I’d have given up. More important than the stuff, though, we found that House of Critters will send stuff to the Bush COD, so next time Emily and her roommate won’t have to wait on us being lazy to get stuff sent. :)

We went to dinner at Gallo’s, which was pretty good. We’d never been there before. I’m very full now. I really want to be less injured so I can exercise. Not exercising sucks. I want to swim, if I can’t bike, dammit.

Maybe next week. I’m feeling a lot better. Not quite well, sigh, but a lot better.

Bought some instant ice packs for the plane trip to Colorado, on Dr. Woody’s advice.

God, I have no *brain*.

Uh. And came home to print out an alumni membership thing for Ted, who decided maybe he’d better swim, too. Now I’m trying to get up the enthusiasm to clean the cat box. You can understand why I don’t feel too enthusiastic about that.

I really, really wish I could find an address/phone number for Davis/Panzer, the people who produced Highlander.

These stamps I bought this morning have teddy bears on them, and don’t look much like stamps. They look like stickers. I keep wanting to randomly stick them on stuff. :) In fact, they came with a big ol’ teddy bear sticker across the top, which I have thus far resisted sticking to my computer monitor only because my computer monitor has a bump where the monitor brightness buttons are and so the sticker wouldn’t stick smoothly.

Perhaps I’ll put it on Ted’s monitor!

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  1. Hee! Teddy bear stickers!

    And feh on the DP people for taking all their contact info off the web. It *used* to be there. It really did. Stupidheads.

    (This is me being intelligent with only part of a brain. I think the rest of it has collected in my right ear.)

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