Pretty nice evening. Ted got off work a bit early to go pick up his new glasses, which look very nice, and came home and so we vroomed over to the Dimond Center and watched Bend it Like Beckham, which was very enjoyable, and then came home and Ted grilled steaks and then I went for a walk. It wasn’t the 5 mile walk I had intended, because I didn’t leave the house until 9, and I didn’t want to be out until nearly 11, so instead I concentrated on Walking Briskly. This is all Jai’s fault. :)

I Walked Briskly for a mile, which I did in about 16:30, I think (I don’t have a seconds-hand on my, er, cellphone, which is what I use to time myself) and then I slowed down to more my regular pace and did another quarter mile. Then I Walked Briskly for a mile coming /back/, and I think that one came out at about 16 minutes. Since my goal is 15 minutes, and I’d been doing 20 minute miles (the best I’d done at all, I think, was the most recent walk with Jai, when we did 18ish minute miles), I’m pretty pleased with 16.5 and 16 minute miles. :)

I yam also all hot and sweaty. :)

Miles to Rivendell:
Jai: 63.1
Catie: 67.5
Laura: 90 (speedy Laura!)
Ben: 72.5

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  1. Actually, slacker Laura would be more like it. I walk and/or spend time on the elliptical to procrastinate doing work, and there’s a lot of work to do right now. :)

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