Fwwsshh. It’s a beautiful day out and I sulk at being stuck inside.

Shaun mowed most of the lawn last night. It looks very very nice. Except the patch of wild long grass that looks, well, all wild and long. *laugh* When he finally got done (finally, from Chanti’s point of view, ’cause she sat with her nose pressed against the window watching him the whole time) Chanti went out and stuck her nose in the new grass and then just lay down and stayed there. *giggle*

I just opened the window all the way and Zilli is staaaaaaaarrrrrrring out it. Silly kitty.

Oh, forgot to mention, got a rejection letter on Josie yesterday. It was a nice one, for a form letter, but a rejection letter none-the-less. I think we’ve only got one to hear back from now. Cross your fingers for us. :)

Let’s see, uhm, what else. I got most of my desk cleaned off this morning, that’s a big plus. Must pay some bills now, and get some more work done. Meetings already this morning.

Boy, it’s nice out. Can I go outside and play?

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  1. at least SOMEONE’s got nice weather…..unlike us….we’ve been having cold rain…..NOT at all like summer….

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