Ch. 10 did not want to go quietly into that good night. I think I’ve beaten it into submission now. It’s 1300 words shorter than the amalgamated 9+10 were, but that’s good, and I’ve still gained more ground on the book overall than I’ve lost. By 20 or more pages, in fact. Which is *also* good, because it’s on the short side.

Talked out a lot of plot bunnies with Sarah this morning and haven’t actually gotten anywhere near being able to work them in, but at least I know they’re there. And Matrice called to ask when would be good to talk about the revision letter and to ask if Jo had any jewelry that might be useable as a theme for the cover art, and had a REALLY COOL idea about using Jo’s drum as a splash background thing on the cover, so while who knows if it’ll actually happen, it’s sure a neat idea. :) And I’ll give Jo a necklace. One of the ones that Misty made for me/the contest, in fact. *laugh* What a geek.

Okay. Food, break, then back to writing. I can’t decide right now if I’m *glad* writing isn’t my day job, because I’m feeling all *SPLAH* about it, or if part of the reason I feel splah is because I also feel guilty about not being at work-work. I think most of this morning’s not-feeling-well was due in large part to the horrifyingly rich brownie sundae I ate against all good sense last night. o.o

ytd wordcount: 129,100
miles to Rivendell: 396.75

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  1. Oooh! OOOH! Using Jo’s drum would be so COOL!

    ‘course, if it happens, that means you should, you know, find a drum to give away as a contest for your readers. Have to make it a slightly tougher contest than most, though, because that’d be a really nice prize.

    Maybe a drum with a beaded pattern on the head. Hmmm. *thinks about this* We’ll talk about it. :)

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