After several days of picking at it, I’ve finally finished chapter bleeding eleven. This has not been the prodigious writing week I hoped it’d be. It hasn’t been a total loss, either, which is good. It just hasn’t been as zmm zmm as I hoped. 36K is a long way from the 50 I was hoping I’d see.

My mother has offered to make me a dress like the one on the cover of HOUSE OF CARDS if I knock off the 15 pounds I’ve re-gained by late October (before WFC, so I will have an Awesome Dress for WFC to go with the Fantastic Shoes). I said this to Ted, who said, “Ah, so you’ll be giving up eating for a couple months, eh?” :) I believe I shall reward myself halfway with an interim prize of this J Peterman coat, which is devastating. (C’mon, wouldn’t those shoes peeking out from under that coat just be to die for? Admit it! Rawr!)

All right, this is nothing like getting Margrit into more trouble, so I expect I should go back to work. If I can get through just one or two more chapters (possibly 1.5 chapters, really) I have this whole cool (SPOILER) to write and I think it’ll be a lot of fun to do, so I should get the story up to that point so I can have some fun. :)

26 thoughts on “gawd.

  1. WANT. Want NOW. My gods, that coat is beautiful. Alas, I’m not tall enough to do it justice and I can’t stand heals over 1 inch.
    Hmm… it’d so look awesome with me flame boots.}:P

  2. Those are some serious ass-kicking boots. :)

    I love J Peterman’s clothes. *drool* :)

  3. Ohh, that coat is awesome (as are the shoes, btw).

    I’ve finally heard of a company that does knee-high boots for heavier calves – with those, and this coat? I would rule the world.

  4. Not to be the voice of kill-joy here (because WOW, would that look good on you!), but losing 8 pounds a month REALLY isn’t a healthy sort of thing to do…

  5. It’s kinda borderline, depending on how you do it. Most of the health types agree that 1-1.5 is healthy unless you’re really huge (300+ pounds), then more is okay. Since you’re NOT really huge, 1-1.5 is probably healthier (and more realistic).

  6. *laughs* Oh THAT coat.

    I am tall enough to do that coat justice. I may have to buy it if I can ever *(*@(#*@(# make goal. ;)

  7. If I make myself horribly sick and miserable and regain 24598 pounds because I have lost weight in an unhealthy fashion, you can say I told you so. In the meantime, my personal experience suggests that until I get down to, oh, about 12 pounds from where I currently am, I can realistically expect to lose about two pounds a week without suffering or eating too little. I just need to lay off the ice cream and get back to exercising. :)

  8. Eh. After about 15 or 18 months of maintaining a weight I was happy with, I got it into my head around a year ago that hey, I’d beaten this eating too much thing, and started, you know. Eating anything I wanted, and in as much quantity as I wanted. For some reason I gained weight back. :) So perhaps I’ve learned that this is not a game I get to win (or perhaps I haven’t), and for the moment I have a spiffy goal to achieve. And new shoes. :)

  9. You are *definitely* tall enough to do that coat justice. Raar! Go Tersa! Go Tersa!

  10. Funny, I have also had that same experience and have come to the same conclusion you have. Must be a universal thing.


    But someone mentioned tall and I am only 5’2″. I wonder if they make a petit?

    That is a very cool coat and very cool shoes, too.

  12. You could email ’em and ask. They’re very good about answering questions! :)

  13. Yes, you should have that coat to go with the shoes. And the HoC dress to go underneath it. You will be the Stylish Sensation of WFC. I demand pictures. :)

    (It’s this skirt that lures me personally. I wonder how much I’d have to lose to fit into it? *speculative*)

  14. OOhhh…me likey that coat! I’m also petite, but very well rounded….like, I’m currently trying to lose 100 lbs. With my dr’s approval, thanks, I’m truly not a psycho! I’ve been averaging 3 lbs a week for the last 3 weeks, which is a little more than I feel is good, but I’ve been doing it by swimming and by doing WW, so I’m hoping it’ll slow down here. By the by, we all know you can do it Kit!

  15. I’m totally lured by that skirt, too. But I’m short, so I wonder if it will be too long on me.

    Evil, evil Kit. Every time she mentions J. Peterman I always end up running over there to look and drooling and whimpering jealously. :)

  16. Between the shoes and now the coat, I’m wondering if we should just have a fashion show next March.

  17. Whyyy are all these beautiful clothes not made for people who are barely over five feet tall? Curse my genes (and jeans… I can never find any that are short enough that aren’t expensive).

    *sigh* That coat seriously owns. I’d totally buy it. Except I’m poor and short.

  18. You do Weight Watchers, right? I’m back up more than 15 over the past year, so you’re still ahead of the game. Urk. I fell off the wagon so hard that the shockwave turned three tons of sand in the Sahara into a glass sculpture.

    LOVE the coat.

  19. If that’s how it works with you, most excellent! It’s just a lot of calories to cut in a short time period.

  20. you not going Prima Donna and demanding your own dressing room now are you? :-)

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