The good news: I have rewritten the Very Climactic Moment for about the eigthth time, and while it’s sort of past the eleventh hour and more like one minute to midnight as far as doing so, I am finally, finally, *finally* happy with the scene.

The bad news: 22 pages of alterations (made in 10pt, not 12pt, font). Jesus God.

I am going to go make dinner and rot my brain watching something like America’s Next Top Model now, thanks very much (though I assure you the only reason I’m doing the former is because there’s really nothing in the house to have a quick and easy dinner with, so I have to cook).


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  1. Ah, but you’re done! Take a breath and feel the triumph! Not the good enough climax, but the right climax. And the alterations out of the way.

    Now, what yummy thing can you make for din that will be really really tasty yet not be labor intensive? Do you have a crock pot? I have won rare accolades with this: Take a leg of lamb and brown it will in a frying pan and a bit of olive oil. Toss it into the crock pot with 1 part port, 2 parts beef broth, chopped onion and potato, marjoram salt and pepper. Cook on low all day (obvy not the answer when it’s evening there now, but…). Serve with a good red wine and loads of fabulous bread!

    For tonight brown smaller cuts of meat and then plop into a saucepan with broth and/or wine and above herbs and veggies. If the broth doesn’t thicken well add a bit of flour.

  2. I am disturbingly enamored of that show. It’s like watching a train wreck — you just can’t look away! :)

  3. hugs…there there….pat pat

    at least you managed to get to happy with the scene before they print it – right?

  4. I have a crock pot that we never use. I may make use of this recipe over the weekend, though, ’cause wow, yum!

  5. I mostly can’t stand watching the actual show (because it’s a train wreck). I just watch the last few minutes to see the results photos and who gets thrown off. :)

  6. I am going to go make dinner and rot my brain watching something like America’s Next Top Model now


  7. I refuse to TiVo it. :) But I catch it live now and then, and they’ve been running whole season marathons on VH1 of late.

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