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Yesterday I got sucked into Wil Wheaton’s website, which he actually maintains himself. I didn’t get sucked in for very long, because GreyMatter, which he’d been using to power his journal (and which I am now using) exploded sometime in the last … while, and so there were’t any obvious archives for me to go have my brain sucked out by. However, it was still really pretty entertaining. He’s a geek. He’s cute. I always liked him. *laugh* And I’ve learned from his disaster — I’ll try very hard to remember to make monthly backups of the site, just in case GreyMatter goes splat for me, too.

Speaking of which, Sarah is working on setting her page up as a GreyMatter page, too. Hee hee hee.

Last night I finished reading the Dalemark Quartet by Diana Wynne Jones, and now I despair of ever being able to write anything that’s even vaguely worthwhile. Overall the books are worth reading individually; as a series, you must go read them Right Now. Man. I really liked them. Wah!

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  1. Why must you write something worthwhile? :) Case in point – during one of my grad writing classes the teacher asked what we read during our break. I begrudgingly said I read nothing but romantic fluff (whee!) and read about two books a day of said fluff. She said to me: “If you wanted to read a romance, why didn’t you pick up Anna Karenina?” What I wanted to say was, “I didn’t want to suffer,” or “I didn’t want to melt my brain.” I think I probably said something like, “I needed to relax and read something fluffy and entertaining.”

    Now… Your stuff is not fluffy, but is highly entertaining. And you know what? That’s better than most.

  2. *laugh* It’s just that the Dalemark Quartet was a particularly good series, and it made me feel all useless and lame. :) I don’t know that it’s any more morally *worthwhile* than any other YA fantasy, but it was very *good*, that’s all. :)

  3. I sometimes have that feeling about DWJ too. But I think Kit’s writing is morally worthwhile! Or maybe immorally worthwhile!

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