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Is anyone else having problems with LJ not sending them comments?

Apropos of nothing, I think Megan Fox (late of “Transformers” fame) should play Joanne Walker when the Walker Papers make their big-screen debut. (She’s actually of Irish, French and Cherokee heritage. First time I saw her I was like, “! Jo!” and then when I found out her ethnic background I did a Victory Lap. :))

Ok, geekitude moment, because this is so great: I accidentally described Jo to look *startlingly* like a girl I went to high school with who grew up to be a supermodel. Here’s a photo of Carmen, and a photo of Megan Fox,

*cheerful* Maybe I should get my agent to send her a copy of the book(s). :)

13 thoughts on “geeky morning

  1. You know whats funny? When I saw transformers for the first time I thought the EXACT same thing about Megan Fox. :)

  2. Nice icon.

    I haven’t seen Transformers yet, though, so she seems too … waifish or slight in that snapshot. Less gravitas than I see in my head when I picture Joanne.

  3. Been having issues with not getting comments until 2-3 days later for weeks.

  4. Yes, you should have your agent send her a set. It’s worth a shot.

  5. Well, yes, it’s a deeply frothy icon, but she is playing a teenager in the film (she’s 21 herself, at time of press). I haven’t seen her in anything else, so I don’t know if she can *act*, but she kicked ass in the movie. :)

  6. Deeply and intentionally frothy image from movies make deeply frothy icons. :-)

    I’m so far behind on my summer movies. Only sat down to watch Spider-Man 3 last weekend. Need something like Transformers to lift my spirits. :-)

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