get out of jail free

I’ve been handed a get out of jail free card! I didn’t very much want to go to Spanish class tonight, and a while ago, the teacher called and said it’d been cancelled! Hah!

I’m still going to go into town (in the AMAZING DUMPING RAIN) and do some shopping, because it’s pretty much now or never, since I want to spend tomorrow with Ted (and having lunch with !), and the four days after that are going to be replete with the misery of revising COYOTE DREAMS. *stares at the downpour* I’m going into town. Really.

miles to Isengard: 315

3 thoughts on “get out of jail free

  1. You know with the description of rain and the title of your book I have this amazing visual of physically raining cats and dogs… and somehow amid the little yapping dogs falling from the sky, I see a couple of coyotes intermixed. And there is this followup of synconized tail chasing that happens on the ground after a few of the dogs hit.

  2. Ok, as I read your entry I only focussed on one little detail… ‘As the world falls down’ is such a great song!!

  3. On a side note. Are these the miserable sorts of days where you would normally do a revision? since you are somewhat stuck indoors away?

    And have you learned any useful phrases in Spanish.. like party while the teacher is away?

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