Glah. Bad day at work. Lots of stress even if I ultimately got my own way — although so did my boss, because my coworker Mike walked me through a lot of what Steve wanted and we figured out how to do it. My brain just doesn’t work the way Steve’s does, and it frustrates him at /least/ as much as it frustrates me.

However, in a fit of frustration, I bellowed, “AND I DON’T HAVE ANY *SWEETS*!!!” while Ted was still here at lunch, and when he left he sneakily sent Emily out to the store to buy me a bag of M&Ms. A 16oz bag of M&Ms. *laugh* It’s sitting in front of me and making me happy, even though I haven’t eaten any. I have an awfully good husband. And an awfully nice friend in Emily! :)

Sarah made the quarter-finals in Scriptapalooza with her Lilith script! Which means she was in the top 10% of more than 3000 entries, which is pretty darned cool. Sarah rocks!

Ok, back to struggling with work now.

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