*Glrhrhghgh*. Unreasonable frustration and anger. I use a service called Messagefire to deal with spam on one of my email accounts. It’s extremely good and rarely misses spam. Once in a while, however, it misses a piece, and for some reason or other, my Outlook Express doesn’t have the nifty popup window Messagefire seems to claim will appear if you look in the headers, or something, so that you can send them a message and say “this is junk mail”. (I wasn’t able to figure out how to turn the headers on, that was the problem. I did find the header information in the properties.) And I am struggling without success to find a place on the damned site to *report* the fricking problem.

Yeah. Right. While I was typing that, it occurred to me that the properties have a Messagefire URL in them which would very likely give me the reporting page if I just cut and pasted it into a browser. And of course it did. Shit. I’m an idiot. An idiot who already sent a frustrated email to goddamned support at messagefire. Shit.

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