Mutter, mutter. I have just finally done what I ought to have done a long time ago, which is remove the solitaire link from the quick links in the start menu. I know it’s still on the computer somewhere, but I don’t actually know where it’s located (do not, for God’s sake, tell me) and I think probably not having it available with two clicks will prevent it from being a temptation. I have been screwing around far too much playing that game. :P

I have ordered a print of the HEART OF STONE cover from Chris McGrath, and am told he’s working on the HOUSE OF CARDS cover. This makes the idea of revisions a little more fun, knowing there’s a cover out there being worked on for the book. :) I think (I hope, I pray to God) that within another chapter or two I’m going to be able to start pulling old material back into the book and only revising scenes and writing some new ones instead of writing entire new chapters at a time. Our anniversary is the 18th. I would really, *really* like to have the bulk of work on this book done by then, but I’m going to have to move a lot faster than I have been in order to accomplish that.

I can’t tell if I feel slightly panicked or slightly despairing right now, though I’m not sure one precludes the other.

Back on my head.


  1. icedrake


    Okay, not really. But you know, you *can* actually uninstall it completely, or simply delete it outright. It’s not like solitare is a crucial system file.

  2. dsgood

    I’m not tempted by computer solitaire, because my sensory orientation is mostly kinesthetic/touch — and without the feeling of manipulating the cards, it just doesn’t feel like solitaire to me.

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