Well, I called up the other loan people to see why my stupid student loan bill had doubled, and they said, “Oh, it’s because we got your paperwork that you sent in saying how much money you were making, and based on that, you can afford to pay twice as much as you’re paying.”

Well, no, actually, I can’t, fuckwits. But I can’t change it to a smaller payment until I’ve made 3 payments (on time and in full) at this new rate.

This is stupid.

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  1. Can you put your loans together with another agency? I did that with my loans (bleah, there were 3 of them, after I paid one off. brrr) and they asked -me- how much could I afford a month, X-amount was the lowest I could go and anything above that was cool with them. So I told them and that’s what it is!

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