My head is so completely full of green snot that my left ear is aching from it. Yes, I’m sure it’s aching specifically from the snot, and not from pressure or anything mundane like that. Quite sure. I’m also quite sure you’re all very glad I decided to share this little gem of information with you.

In a moment here I’m going to get the CB files I’ve written off Indexus and drag my green-snot-filled-self into the other room and try to get a few thousand words done. I’m pathetically far behind on my NNWM (I mentioned NNWM to my editor last weekend and she said, “And you laugh in all their fifty-thousand-word faces, ah ha ha!” *laughs*). Really, the only way i’m going to succeed is if I write, oh, say, 40K this weekend, which, I must admit, doesn’t seem very likely. :)

Oh, wow, the lineup of stuff is getting for his neighbor’s auctionlet is pretty cool. Once more, I’m doing matching funds up to $250 (I think people’ve donated about $100 so far) ; see details here. Another $150’s not so much for the 200+ people on my flist to come up with, right? *hopeful eyes*


  1. dqg_neal

    Of course if we were like the other helpful souls on the nano forums, we’d be telling you to have your main character talk about snot, lots of snot in the novel… it fills up the pages quickly. :)

    Of course you do know that writing your little gems on the paper releases the pressure on your brain, and it is oh so helpful to get the stuff out. The stuff being the story, not the snot, or the brains. Only use the brains if it is a zombie story. :)

  2. mizkit

    *laugh* If I were like many other writers on the nano forums, I might, but I have to turn what I’m working on for NNWM in to my editor by the end of the month so she will BUY it. :)

    There will, in fact, be zombies. :)

  3. wolfsilveroak

    ROTFL, I’d send you to my Etsy shop, but the site is down for weekend while they upload Version @, so I’ll have to send you here…

    It’s not all of them by far, but it’s a good representation.

    Or if you feel like weeding through the other posts under the tags..

  4. dqg_neal

    Well, if you ever worked a Renaissance Faire…. snot comes in different colors. Usually after a day at one of those, its brown or black with the amount of dust and whatnot you’ve breathed in.

    I sometimes wonder what it would take to get other colors. And is there someone out there with an odd past-time to find out? That would be an interesting character for a story.

  5. dqg_neal

    I guess it is good that your editor knows you and you’ll likely have a much more cleaned up version by then. If she read mine at that point I think there would be a note card taped to the lamp on the desk. The title of the notecard is “People who make your eyes bleed.. never to be read again unless there is an emergency needing you to be brought down from the insane giggles.”

  6. mizkit

    Actually, unless you’ve got some kind of really horrible bacterial thing going on, I believe green snot is healthier than other snot. That seems to be the color it turns when my colds are on their last legs, anyway.

    I’m not sure I quite believe I’m having this conversation. :)

  7. mizkit

    Maybe if you worked in a candy factory or a sulfer factory or a somethign factory where there were different-colored particles floating around, you’d get other exciting colors of snot. That would be a *disgusting*, but yes, interesting, character idea. o.O :)

  8. muneraven

    And yet why would we NOT have this conversation?

    After all, we use terms like “Do we not all bleed” as some sort of human unity statement, but really, do we not all snot?

  9. marith

    V. nice! I particularly like the pieces with kanji, and the one that looks like a feathery plant.

    I’m not nearly as organized as you, but there are a few miscellaneous pictures of practice stuff here.

  10. wolfsilveroak

    The Kanji one was sold (awhile ago}:P) and the red feathers one was a Yule gift last year.}:P

    Awesome fractuals.}:P

    I like your stuff, especially the Escher scarf}:P

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