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Chapter 3 is rewritten. Most of the useable stuff from ch. 4 has already been used in 3, I think, so probably ch. 4 will be starting fresh, but that’s ok. Um. Had lunch. So I guess I have to go on a walk now, and then maybe to a movie and then I have to come home and read at least 5 chapters of the US galley. Starting at the end, I suspect. Oi.

I’ve been watching too much Highlander. I suspect I’m going to finish up season 3 this week, and then I really ought to go back to the earning Highlander system. Although if my writing picks up over the next few days like I plan for it to, I might be earning it on a daily basis anyway (theoretically I get 2 episodes of Highlander for every 7700 words I write). But I just got to the Methos episodes! Actually, to my vast surprise, “Methos” was also the Richie episode I’d been dreading. I was pretty amused by that. :) And I’m in enough of the writing head already that I can’t read. I stare at the TBR shelf and go blah a lot, so I end up watching TV for a while. So…obviously I need to write enough to earn my Highlander. :)

All right, all right, I’m going for a walk now. Slavedriver. (I’m talking to you, Jai!)

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