goodness. sorta busy.

Yesterday proved to be sort of busy, all unexpectedly.

First there was the not getting up on time thing, as mentioned previously. Then there was the impulsive putting-together of Legion stuff in order to submit it again to Scriptapalooza and American Accolades, two tv-writing contests which Legion got nice comments from a couple-three years ago; we thought suddenly that perhaps it was time to run it up the ol’ flagpole again. What, as they say, the hell.

And in re-reading Legion, I’ve discovered: *Damn*, it’s *good*! I’m taking time off at the end of the month and in December. Maybe I’ll try to spend some time doing the looking-for-an-agent thing with that that we’ve talked about doing for years now. ’cause, well. It’s *good*. We should be *doing* this!

Let’s see. Um. Ted collected Emily, who has broken her knee, from the hospital, and we went to dinner and the comic shop and watched a movie before putting her on the plane to Orycon; the break is an incomplete fracture of her right patella, and all they can do is immobilize it, so she’s in a immobilizing brace and she figured there was no particular point in *not* going to Orycon, since, well, she’s got the plane ticket and she can’t do anything about the break, so she might as well go. (The story of what happened to Emily’s knee is here.)

Went to bed at about 11:20. At about 11:27, the opening sentence to a novel popped into my head and at about 11:28 I got up, resigned, and came in to the computer room to write. At about 1:20am, I went back to bed, 1400 and some words to the good.

I did not get up at 5:30 this morning. o.o

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