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So what the hell is a person supposed to do if grad school applications want letters of recommendation addressing her ‘academic preparedness’ if she hasn’t been in school for SIX YEARS?

Henry suggests calling the school and asking. How practical of him.

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  1. Two comments in one day, whoo. New record.

    My spouse just did the applying-to-grad-school-after-a-five-year-hiatus thing; his recommendation is to get your college professors (the ones who you liked and liked you) to write your letters of recommendation. If you think their memory needs jogged, send a little ‘hi, remember me? you inspired me in (putclassnamehere) and as a result, I’m going back to graduate school’ note. He ALSO says that once you’ve jogged their memory, you can send them a package with your picture, your CV, your ‘personal statement’ (why I want to go into (specialtynamehere) and get a PhD in it) and a Xeroxed copy of your transcript.

    Hope that helps.

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