Great. Apparently I caused a great big muddle at work. In an attempt to make an older site uniform with the newer ones, I created a new directory and moved some files around. I didn’t, however, do this through the Mysteries of CVS, and as a result there are emails flying and hands waving and people going, “Urk!” and discovering that if they fix it, they’ll wipe out all the Q1 release work I’ve done, and —

Bugger. :/ I didn’t _mean_ to goof everything up!

In other news, I skipped art class last night in favor of sleeping, and I think that was a Good Idea. I was soooooooo tired. Of course, the result was that it made it much harder to go to sleep when I went to bed at a quarter to eleven, but once I went, I was really out. Man. One more day and I might be back to normal. For some value of normal.

WAH. The post office sent Geni’s Christmas stuff back to me. WAH. So now I have a box of very stale Christmas candy, and a book. *crossed eyes*

Ok, I think I need breakfast now.

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