I bleached my hair this morning. Not very successfully, either, god damn it. I *knew* I should have picked up the stuff I used in the States when I saw it while we were in NYC. I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s the only bleach that’s given me the blondeness that I wanted. Now I’ve got sort of reddish-yellow roots and the rest of _didn’t even change colors_. It’s vaguely lighter. God damn it. I’m pretty grumpy about this. I’ve been dithering over whether I wanted to damage my hair at all by bleaching it, and doing so only to obtain orange roots makes me unhappy.

On the other hand, while I was systematically destroying my hair, I got four pages of the next Chance script written. *sigh*


  1. jesshartley

    If you ever have stuff like this that you’d like sent, please don’t hesitate to ask? If I can track it down, I would happily put together a care package for ya. :)

    I’ve thought about this several times when you’ve mentioned things they “don’t have” over there.

  2. mizkit

    If I could remember what it was called, I *would* ask somebody to send me some of it. But I can’t, so the only thing I can think of is, like, having somebody go to the store, TAKE PICTURES of the hair coloring stuff, send them to me so I can find the right one, and go back to the store for the stuff.

    That seems a little ridiculous, you know? *wry look*

    I’ll go to the damned pharmacy today and see if I can find something that’ll work better. And see if I can find some hair dye for the rest of my hair, to darken it again, because the contrast would help. *sigh*

  3. kaitiana

    You could also try looking around online at the various websites to see if you can find a picture of the right stuff. I.E. check and see if Clairol, Herbal Essences, etc. etc. have websites with pics of the packages on them…This works for me often with food when I want to look up nutrition information so maybe it’ll work for you…Worth a try anyway. =)

  4. logrusboy

    So, does this mean a “hair ruined day” is your version of a “cat exploded day”? Sorry…couldn’t resist. Should have resisted, but the inability to pass on a bad joke with the possibility of hitting a sensitive nerve is a crucial part of my personality that I mistakenly categorize as “charm”.

  5. anonymous

    Catie, try using a Drabber first. This is a chemical that will take away the bleaching chemicals first. You may be able to forego the new hair dye. This process will do less harm to your hair. Then one of us can go and get pics for you, so that we can get the correct product and send it to you. Try asking at your local salon or pharmacy. They should know the correct product to remove the bleaching chemical.


  6. logrusboy

    See! And here I thought I was being witty and charming. It’s a good thing my wife was dropped on her head as a baby or I’d be doomed to a life alone….

  7. aeriedraconia

    Uh oh. Now is the time to stop.
    Go to a professional.
    The professional will make sure your hair doesn’t turn dry, dull, brittle and break off while correcting the color issue.

  8. aelfsciene

    Can you describe the box? Having tried a hell of a lot of bleaches, I might be able to figure out what it is from that. Condition extra-much right now, and good luck!

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