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I was just obliged to take a seventy minute nap with a cat. Rough life, lemme tell you.

Well. I went to my guitar lesson. The good news is that Mark Ferguson, the guitar guy, is extremely nice and clearly loves what he does. The bad news is that my guitar is a lemon. Can’t be tuned. It’s a Taylor, and he says he’s never seen one yet that could be tuned. The neck is bowed and the strings are a very very long, but not uniform, distance from the frets, and the strings can be tuned at the 5th fret, but can’t be then tuned to one another, and by the time you move from the 5th fret down to the body it’s lost its tune. Mark says the guy who makes Taylor guitars is an snake oil salesman and that he talks a very good show, but the guitars are just not well made. We figure either the people who sold Ted the guitar (it was a Christmas gift a couple years ago) didn’t really know what they were doing, or they were rat bastards. Neither is a particularly nice option; you’d think people at a store that sells guitars would know if that brand of guitar is poorly made, and if they knew and talked it up anyway, well, then, they’re rat bastards!

On the other hand, it does make me feel somewhat better about all of my guitar-playing relatives being unable to tune the thing. I had three or four try. :/

So I’m going to ask my uncle Packy, when he gets back from Ireland, if he has an old guitar I could borrow. He’s played guitar all his life, as far as I can tell, and he’s got a lovely one himself, but he’s the only person I know who might have a spare. I really had a good /time/ at the lesson, and Mark was incredibly nice and I’m sure I could learn to play the guitar from him, if I can find a guitar! He suggested an entry-level Yamaha to replace this one, but they cost $250-$300, and it’ll be several months before I can save that much up. Soooo. Well. We’ll see!

Aaaaand, let’s see. Um. I wrote a little bit more, and I read a book and oh! My *extremely* clever husband taped last night’s Buffy! So we watched that, and I thought it was a pretty good episode, especially the end. And then I took a nap with Zilli, after I finished my book. :)

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